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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Lets Talk!! Some Prostitute Will Make A Good House Wife Better Than Some Innocent Girls – You Agree?

Hi Guys, Lets talk.
Call them anything you like.. Be it Olosho, Runs Girls, Ashana, Ashi, Ashawo  This Girls are here to hustle and make money.
Some operates in Hotels, some operates on the Street during the dark hours, some from the comfort of their home and some are around us. Just ON your Internet, Go on Social Media, Buzz them, Discuss price and they are all yours…
Some joined the hustle just to make ends meet while some joined because of Greed and some for the love of Joystick  They like it long and dark.
However, It is hard to judge some of them.. We all wish to live a good life but some her left with no choice than to make money with what they have. Some are just ass hole who are lazy and wants to make quick money, so they turned their honey pot into a Public toilet.
Some left their Job to join this line of business because they believe that is the fastest way to making money due to how lucrative the business is… I guess you all know some People fit empty their Account just because of Pu$$y
So today, I read a news online which talks about a Man who got married to a Virgin only for the woman to turn into a Street fuc*er immediately after Wedding.. Unbelievable right? Na so me self open mouth when I dey read the book.
I have also heard about a Man who got married to an Ashawo woman he met at a Hotel where ladies parade during the night to satisfy sex starved men and she ends up to become a good house wife. The woman opened up to the man that he join the bad wagon just to raise money to treat her sick mum. They are happily married with 4 Kids now..
I believe we all know one or two ladies around us (be it at your work place, School, Street) who are not coming out as a Runs Girl but have slept with all the guys in their department, hostel or even street, right?
Some guys will now meet girls like this with innocent faces and they will think they’ve seen the most innocent lady on Earth without knowing her past and present is more horrible than that olosho they just finished insulting.
If you mistakenly got married to girls that act and claim to be as holy like Mother of Jesus, Believe me she will sleep with your Father, Younger and Elder brothers when they come visiting and you are not around. She will even use her honey port to make friends with all the Married men in your Area. They are that Bad!!!
Now, The Simple Question we have for you tonight is “Do You Think Some Prostitute Will Make A Good House Wife Better Than Some Innocent Girls?
Kindly Drop your comments lets talk.
Share your Experience based on Ladies who Cheats or What you heard from people when it comes to Ladies Cheating.
Lets hear from you.

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