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Friday, 19 May 2017

If you are Igbo, you need to read this.

Fani-Kayode asserted that any Igbo person that is in APC needs to hav his or her head examined.

I cant really tel who made him their mouthpiece. Worse still, i cant make out what ignited his self-acclaimed 'passion' for the Igbo man. Not quite long ago, thesame Fani-Kayode callously and deliberately almost brought one of the Igbo's greats name(OJukwu) to disrepute by his unguarded utterances about his wife(Bianca).

A man that claims he loves the Igbos will love the Ikemba himself too. Someone really needs to examine his head. I'm afraid- it could be FFK himself!

By Bomi-dore

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