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Saturday, 20 May 2017



The tragedy of lfe is nt in fallng. But in our ability rise each tme we fll. Sapele was made an ordinance Town by Nig. colonial masters in 1946 along side Calabar & Abiokuta. it grew to become an emporium & a cardinal commercial artery from d defunt western region, Mid-West region & Mid-West state through d presence of d Sapele pontoon, d Africa timbe & Plywoods company (AT&P) etc. It produced great dynasty & cosmopolitian citizens like, d Ayomanors, Abekes, Ogodos, Onomors, Sajeres, Ogbimis, Anirahs, Gbagis, Okotie-Ebohs, Dafinones, Omasheyes, Ebias, Unokas, Oghenes, Sunder lands, Asagbas, Odietes, Ebireris, Jemides, Akpekis, Agambis, Sally Young, Gbemisakas, Sam Opones, etc. Sapele was indeed d rendevous of d GREATS. But 2day, Sapele has bcme a rebarbative terra firma, a troglodyte cauldron & a Paleolithic hovel 4gottn by d march of civilization. d roads frm Amukpe to Main market have bcme glorified footpaths littered wit pot holes. d Sapele market dat was razed down by a horrendous confagration over 10 years ago has bcme a methuselah abandoned project. The is massive unemployment rate in Sapele notwithstanding d existence of Seplat petroleum development company. This is bcox of donkey years of Govt. neglect & lack of corporate social responsibilities. Sapele has remain in dis antediluvian state & condition partly bcox of d wicked ingratitude shown & displayed by its leaders & politicians at ward, local govt & State levels to its inhabitants & d electorate in Sapele who hve labored over d years 2 enable dem fulfill their political ambitions. I appeal 2 d politicians at ward, local govt. & State level 2 do rethink & do a rebooting of development strides on Sapele. SAPELE VOTERS, SHINE UNA EYES.

Source : Sajere Savior

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