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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

My Girlfriend Donated Her Kidney To Save Me, But I’m No Longer In Love With Her Anymore. What Do I Do?

This world is just too full of Evil 😞 Why would you even think of paying back your helper with this Cruel rewards?
The Kind curse wey this guy don receive already for our Instagram page no be small thing ooo 😂😂😂 See the Comments on our Instagram Page (Click HERE)
How could you even think of Deserting a Lady who helped you? Not just help self.. We laid down her own life just for you to be Alive? 😡😡
Even if she has a bad habit that is pissing you off, You should talk to her and not looking for how to dispose her off 😌
Nobody is begging you not to leave her ooo bros, but the Thunder wey go fire you and your Generation to come if you don’t return her Kidney ehn 😡 E go be Thunder from IraQ and Uganda joined together.
Guys, What do you think about this Foolish Guy?
Drop your comments.
For Me (Makinde) here is what I have to say:-
Ehn! No be fight nah. Based on my own logistic o, Just return her kidney & collect a new one from whoever u are in love with. Lobatan! Else, You go just die in less than 5hrs after ending the relationship 😡
Drop your own comments.

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